Forum Absolute Capital Partners (“FACP”) is a privately owned, opportunistic real estate investment platform with a strong focus on the development and/or re-development of residential and commercial properties in New York City.  FACP’s key principals have a broad range of historic real estate investment experience with a strong emphasis on development across real estate asset classes, and the company’s investment strategy is a reflection and extension of the principals’ passion and skill sets.  FACP invests alongside qualified, best in class developers and participates in the development of the strategic and creative vision for the projects, while the developing partners handle day-to-day execution.

Founded in 2012, FACP has invested approximately $400 million of equity to date in seven development projects in New York City in partnership with four operating/developing partners.  These projects include ground up residential condominium development, ground up retail and residential condominium development, and residential condominium conversion of existing assets.  While FACP’s investments to date are clearly heavily weighted towards residential, this focus was market opportunity driven and not a consequence of rigid investment parameters.  As a private company, FACP has the ability to invest in many different types of assets and the going forward investment strategy is largely driven by individual transaction opportunity.