Forum Absolute Capital Partners is committed to utilizing its extensive investment expertise to develop a portfolio comprised of only the most challenging and creative projects. With a dedication to design and architectural integrity, FACP focuses on a broad range of opportunistic ventures, while minimizing risk and generating value.

Sophisticated Development Acumen

FACP has a proven ability to understand challenging, complex investment situations, as well as an expertise in providing meaningful feedback in a timely manner as inevitable issues arise during pre-development and construction.

Broad Investment Flexibility

FACP is privately owned, enabling it to invest in a broad range of opportunities without the rigid investment parameters normally hindering fluid vehicles. Although FACP’s central focus to date has been on NYC-based residential condominium projects with mixed-use retail components, the firm is not restricted by any formal asset class and has experience spanning residential, hospitality, office, and retail asset classes. FACP is able to fashion investment structures to suit the particulars of any given transaction or capital structure, including:

  • Preferred Equity
  • Pari passu Equity
  • Limited Partner Equity
  • Co-GP Equity
  • Selective debt participation


FACP’s flat organizational structure provides for streamlined decision-making across all aspects of investment acquisition and execution. It also provides operating partners comfort in knowing that decisions will be made efficiently based on fundamentally sound real estate considerations.

Partners can therefore aggressively pursue transactions in the hyper-competitive
NYC environment while relying on prompt responses from FACP in regards to post-acquisition situations.

Local NYC Presence

FACP’s New York City-based executive team has collective experience totaling over 35 years. FACP executives have extensive networks of real estate contacts and resources in the New York City real estate community, spanning brokerage, legal, and financial.

Focus on Architectural and
Design Integrity

FACP realizes the importance of architectural and design integrity, and the firm’s internal commitment to architectural and design sophistication lends distinction to their project investment strategy. The firm believes in creating architecturally significant projects that not only contribute to New York City’s urban landscape, but also ensure individual project profitability.